miércoles, 2 de junio de 2010


Problem: The sources, springs, river or streams are in danger of extinction accelerated, changes of climate and soil, floods, droughts and desertification.

Objective: Motivate people and different types of companies, about how to take care of water and other natural resources in their surrounds so that we can have a better lives with all natural things.

Posible solutions: we can do campaigns, marches, and commercial showing how do we
Waste water and other resources that earth give us. Making all these things we can achieve keeping the water, for then we can’t face the consequences.

Needs: -The support of citizens
- Of the goverment
- of a large sum of money
- good ideas of all people


Problem: today in the world there are eleven hundred million people that doesn’t have access to safe drinking water and two thousand and 600 million without anything of it.

Objective: Make people think on their acts, and make them take care of water, because in a lot of countries people doesn’t have the privilege that we have now so let them know all about this huge problem.

Possible solutions: We can help people of the other countries, giving the water for them can satisfy their needs, make campaigns, commercials for people understand the problem we are facing now, and we also can recollect money for creating special institutions that help people that need it.

Needs: We need help of the
People of different places
A positive attitude of everyone
A large # of money

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